About The Recovery Station

Meet Our Team

Daniel Johnsen
Daniel JohnsenManager of Small Tasks
Daniel joins the team with a background in technology, entrepreneurship and a healthy competitive spirit.  Daniel is a graduate of the University of Louisville’s top-ranked Entrepreneurship MBA program and holds a degree in Computer Information Systems.
Ben King
Ben KingManager of Mechanical Things
A native of Bowling Green, KY, Ben is a PhD candidate at The Speed Scientific School at the University of Louisville.  Ben has a knack for disassembling items and creating new products by employing his mechanical engineering sills.  Ben is an avid biker.
Zach O'Daniel
Zach O'DanielManager of Relationships
Zach leads the team by creating relationships in person and online. Zach is a native of Louisville and is a Economics major at the University of Kentucky with an expected graduation of 2016.
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