Open Coffee Louisville welcomed three members of The Recovery Station during their Monday, November 25, 2013, meeting – just 12 hours after the team’s first place win in Lexington.  Open Coffee is a weekly meetup usually held at iHub, a coworking space in Louisville, KY where members of the community discuss trending topics, hear from seasoned entrepreneurs or startup concepts.

Core members of the entrepreneurship community heard about the November 2013 Startup Weekend Lexington competition, the concept and competitive landscape and next steps the team members have established.

Insider Louisville, an independent community journalism recapped the session and we’ve included this highlight by Melissa Chipman:

Open Coffee attendees spent the hour helping the founders of Recovery Station poke holes in their model, connecting them with leads and people who could offer guidance, and asking them the tough questions.

When we asked how we can help the Recovery Station team, Johnsen said, “Encourage us to keep pushing forward.”

Join OpenCoffeeLou nearly every Monday morning at iHub. Parking and coffee are always free.


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