A group of over 50 entrepreneurs gathered in Lexington, KY to take test a business concepts during Startup Weekend: Lexington, part of Up.co’s Global Startup Challenge.  Louisville native Charles Buddeke pitched a concept of a smoothie and protein shake vending machine during the weekend’s 54 hour startup marathon.  After the initial pitch, Charles’ concept was selected as one of the final ideas that a group of entrepreneurs would validate and prototype over the weekend.

A team formed around the protein vending machine and quickly created a plan to gather feedback on the concept from gym owners, managers, fitness coaches, personal trainers and exercise fanatics.  After listening, combining and iterating on the feedback the team modified a used cappuccino machine to dispense two types of powdered protein mixed with water in addition an electrolyte mix.  Additionally the team created a simulated ordering and customized interface for demonstration purposes.

Starting Sunday, the members of the team traveled with the custom machine and field tested the interaction and responses from people leaving a gym.  Initial feedback was positive including:

  • I make my own but if this was at the gym I would totally use this
  • I can’t believe no one has done this yet
  • That is really impressive (fitness tracker integration)
  • You guys will go far with this
  • This is better than my whey

After the initial field trial and consumer feedback, all 7 startup weekend teams integrated their findings into a quick presentation to a panel of judges that included  (Assistant Professor, Department of Management, University of Kentucky College of Business) and (Owner of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt – Kentucky, Cherub Fund founding member).  The Recovery Station team provided the panel with a demonstration of the working prototype and samples of the vanilla blended protein shake.   After deliberations the judges declared The Recovery Station team the 2013 Startup Weekend champions.

The Recovery Station team continues to develop the idea as a commercializable opportunity.

Team members include Charles Buddeke, Ben Franzini, Daniel Johnsen, Ben King and Zachary O’Daniel.

Interested to purchase pre and post workout smoothies and shake in your gym?  Ask them to carry The Recovery Station or ask us to contact your gym.

Gyms and fitness facilities can request trial units by completing this request form.

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